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Ethan Shapiro started Laurdane Associates in 1989. The name Laurdane comes from Ethan's father's and grandfather's engineering firm called Laurdan. Ethan's siblings are Laurie and Dan. When Ethan was born, the company name was changed to Laurdane.

Ethan worked with his father in the 1970's in water and sewer construction. Specifically, they designed and installed residential and light commercial lower pressure pipe (LPP) sewage systems. These were called "alternative" at the time. They are on site sewerage disposal systems designed to function in soils which will not absorb water well enough for a conventional gravity feed system. The transition from LPP system design and installation was very easy. Ethan knew more about static and working with water dynamics than most beginners!

Laurdane has remained a small, hands-on company over the years. Staying small is one of Ethan's strongest selling points! He can personally oversee every project,  and usually gets his hands just as dirty as everyone else!

Ethan likes his company to be innovative and specializes in complex irrigation systems which require "personality" and ingenuity. He has two outstanding projects of which he is especially proud. One is the residence on the cover of Landscape Architect of January 2002. The other is the Coker Arboretum at the University of North Carolina @ Chapel Hill.

Rain Catchment for irrigation is an old concept whose time has come for North Carolina. In addition to long-term drought, water supplies are taxed by increasing demand due to a continuous influx of residents. Water purveyors will be quick to limit irrigation usage in the summer. You can visit the NC Drought Monitoring Council website for local updates.

Ethan has also learned the basics and mechanics of low voltage nightlighting in classes sponsored by Toro and RainBird. He discovered that he enjoys innovative, creative, outdoor lighting, and like working with shadows as well as creative path lighting.

Ethan is quite positive that it is HIS job as a professional contractor to educate his clients so that they can make intelligent, well informed decisions about thier landscapes.

So after many years in the business, Ethan Shapiro is able to offer you a wide variety of plans, systems, and enhancements to make YOUR garden and yard the most it can be!
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